SDG Impact Standards

Investors and enterprises are increasingly aligning their activities with the SDGs. There is a clear opportunity to mobilize significant resources and make real progress towards the SDGs. What’s missing is a clear framework for integrating impacts on SDGs into business and investment decision making. The SDG Impact Standards address that gap via:

About the SDG Impact Standards

SDG Impact Standards for Private Equity Funds

SDG Impact Standards for Bonds

SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises

Public Consultation

Each set of SDG Impact Standards will be subject to an initial public consultation period of 60 days. Another shorter period (30 days) of public consultation will follow, after the Standards have been revised to account for initial feedback.

The consultation process has been designed to meet the UNDP Principles for social and environmental standards. An engagement plan seeks feedback from a broad range of Stakeholders, including the investment and business community, civil service organizations, organizations expert in human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples, other United Nations bodies as initiatives, and relevant industry groups.

For more information on how you can contribute, please visit the Bonds, Private Equity Funds, and Enterprises pages linked above or contact us at

Ways to use the Standards

Voluntary independent use

The SDG Impact Standards are provided as a best practice guide and self-assessment tool. Organizations can use them to align their internal processes, practices and decision making. Organizations are encouraged to use the Standards in their entirety as a gap analysis and self-assessment tool, and to fill gaps and improve practice over time.

Voluntary Assurance Framework and SDG Impact Seal

An external assurance framework and SDG Impact Seal are being developed in tandem with making the Standards available as a voluntary, self-assessment guide.

Complementary resources

UNDP is supporting these SDG Impact Standards with:

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