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We envision a world in which all capital flows advance the SDGs.

Powered by the United Nations Development Programme, together with the Impact Management Project's network of partners, our resources enable more effective investing for the global good.

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optimize your impact.

SDG Impact is a UNDP initiative, tasked with developing resources under three central pillars to accelerate investment towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. View our brochure.

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Targeting the gap between high level principles and impact performance reporting.

SDG Impact Standards

Re-orient practice away from using the SDGs in to report current activities differently towards using them more strategically to make different decisions. Promote market development by encouraging and authenticating transparency and assurance of practice to strengthen impact integrity and build market confidence and trust in SDG-enabling investment.

OECD-UNDP Impact Standards for Financing Sustainable Development

UNDP SDG Impact collaborated with OECD on developing the Impact Standards for Financing Sustainable Development (IS-FSD). The Standards are designed to support donors in the deployment of public resources through development finance institutions (DFIs) and private asset managers, in a way that maximises the positive contribution towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Independent Assurance & Seal

Independent assurance against the standards will be encouraged and SDG Impact is working with stakeholders to develop an accreditation system for independent practice assurers. An SDG Impact Seal and associated governance is being developed. Issuers of SDG Bonds, Private Equity Fund Managers and Enterprises will be able to apply based on independent assurance of practice to a pre-determined level to qualify.

Impact Management Education

A modular online training course on Impact Measurement and Management is in development.

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We aim to see our
changed, for good.

Achieving the SDGs will create a world that is more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous. In order to get there, investors must adapt their strategies to deliver not only financial results, but positive social and environmental outcomes as well.

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Sustainable Development Goals?

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    jobs created —90% in developing countries


    $12 trillion

    worth of market opportunities opened


    2-3x growth

    compared to average GDP growth over the next 10-15 years

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To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society


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