Design and Implementation of the Assurance Framework

We will use this page to update you on progress in developing the Assurance Framework, Protocols, guidance and other materials.

Assurance Design and Implementation Working Group

The SDG Impact Team has established a working group to guide our work on the next stage of design and implementation of the Assurance Framework. The working group includes experts from each of the following stakeholder groups: assurance providers; assurance policy makers (e.g. members of assurance standard and guideline setting bodies) and technical experts on assurance from professional bodies; standards users; and academia. Across the group there is sector expertise in Bonds, Private Equity and Enterprises and knowledge of developed and developing markets. The working group is convened by Carol Adams.

Current work and progress

The SDG Impact Team has analysed a range of approaches to assurance of practice and their fit with the aims of the SDG Impact Standards along with assurance protocols and guidance for assurance against other non-financial frameworks and legislation.

The Assurance Design and Implementation Working Group has provided valuable input to discussing proposals informed by this analysis. It has been agreed that:

The ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice will inform the overall governance and management of the "assurance system" (which includes the Standards) including: handling of complaints; record keeping and information management; role of the Secretariat and governing bodies.

The SDG Impact Team, with guidance from the Design and Implementation Group, are currently developing:

  1. The overall description of the Design, Implementation and Integration stages for each of the three sets of standards (Private Equity, Bonds and Enterprises).
  2. Assurance protocols informed by ISAE 3000 and AA1000AS.
  3. Accreditation requirements (including prior experience, qualifications and training) for individual assurance providers.
  4. Continuing Practice Development requirements for individual assurance providers.
  5. Tools for assurance providers including: examples of evidence of Practice Indicators; and, template guides for assurance reports and engagement letters.
  6. A peer review process and other quality control measures.
  7. Process for a periodic review by an assurance provider to maintain the Seal.

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Assurance Design and Implementation Working Group Members