Assurance Design and Implementation Working Group

A select group of expert practitioners are currently working with SDG Impact to provide detailed, practical inputs into the design and implementation of the SDG Impact Assurance Framework and protocols. The working group includes experts from: assurance providers; assurance policy makers and technical experts on assurance from professional bodies; standards users; and academia. Across the group there is sector expertise for all four of our SDG Impact Standards: Bonds, Private Equity and Enterprises and knowledge of developed and developing markets. The working group is led by the SDG Impact Assurance Framework Lead, Jeremy Nicholls.

Current work and progress

The SDG Impact Standards for Private Equity Funds, Bond Issuers and Enterprises have now been released. Work is well underway to develop guidance for each set of standards.

The SDG Impact Team, with guidance from the Assurance Framework Design and Implementation Group, are currently developing:

  1. The assurance protocols for each set of standards (Private Equity Funds, Bond Issuers and Enterprises) embedding continuous improvement into design and minimum thresholds to ensure accessibility.
  2. Accreditation requirements (competencies required of assurance providers and the process for accrediting and maintaining accreditation of assurance providers.
  3. Template assurance reports and engagement letters - either as a management letter or similar a common report is likely to set out the gaps but not provide detailed advice on resolution.
  4. Continuing Practice Development requirements for individual assurance providers.
  5. Tools for assurance providers including: examples of evidence of Practice Indicators; and, template guides for assurance reports and engagement letters.
  6. A peer review process and other quality control measures.
  7. Process for a periodic review by an assurance provider to maintain the Seal.

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Assurance Design and Implementation Working Group Members

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