Fabienne Michaux, UNDP SDG Impact Director
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SDG Impact’s work to build a community of Accredited Trainers included in Social Impact Management Initiative (SIMI) Annual Report 2022-2023

The World’s first SDG Impact Standards training for businesses and investors began in Japan.

Four members from SIMI became Accredited Trainers for the SDG Impact Standards in August 2022. The accredited Trainers held the world’s first SDG Impact Standards training for businesses and investors from August to October 2022, where 30 employees from Mizuho Financial Group and Mizuho Bank enrolled. The SDG Impact Standards training was established to integrate the SDGs at the core of business and investment decisions. This has been a part of SDG Impact, a flagship initiative of UNDP to accelerate private sector contributions and activities towards sustainability and the achievement of the SDGs.

Ken Ito, Director, SIMI commented: “The training was significantly meaningful to promote impact management society that SIMI pursues. Having seven accredited trainers from SIMI and Social Value Japan (SVJ) and conducting a training to Mizuho marked a promising start to advocate SDG Impact Standards. Training for Keidanren is scheduled in 2023 and I hope more activities to come to accelerate the establishment of SDG Impact Standards in Japan.”

Kotaro Sueyoshi, Deputy General Manager, Sustainable Business Division, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Mizuho Bank, Ltd, provided a testimonial: “UNSG António Guterres said ‘The era of global boiling has arrived’ in July. I feel dire need to accelerate the implementation of what I have learned at the training that I took a year ago. The training on SDG Impact Standards provides an understanding and practical knowledge of new impact-oriented corporate management that focuses on both economic and social value.”

He added, “To be more specific, we mastered 12 management processes through real-life examples by means of case studies. Many participants said that they were able to identify key impact areas from the company's purpose and incorporate them into management strategies through dialogue with various stakeholders.”

Fabienne Michaux, Director of UNDP SDG Impact added: “2023 marks the halfway point in achieving the SDGs. However, the current situation still deviates significantly from the SDGs, which are the “business plan” for realizing a more resilient future. The SDG Impact Standards help organizations put sustainability at the heart of business and investment decisions. A universal standard provides a systems-level approach for organizations and stakeholders to address sustainability challenges and opportunities, foster innovation.”

She added, “Interest in SDG Impact Standards is increasing day by day. Japan is a very strong demonstration case for the embedding and implementation of SDG Impact Standards, which is why in collaboration with SIMI and SVJ we launched the training course to develop the first Accredited Trainers for the SDG Impact Standards.”

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