UNDP and Social Value International Roll-Out SDG Impact Standards Training Course for Accredited Trainers in Sub-Saharan Africa

31 October 2022: UNDP, through its Africa Sustainable Finance Hub (ASFH) and SDG Impact, a Sustainable Finance Hub (SFH) flagship initiative to accelerate private sector contributions towards sustainability and the SDGs, along with its partner, Social Value International launched the inaugural SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainer Course for Sub-Saharan Africa in Pretoria, South Africa in early October. The training course for Sub-Saharan Africa follows the successful launch of the same course in Japan earlier this year as the organizations continue to build a global network of SDG Impact Standards Accredited Trainers.

Attendees of the course who have successfully passed the assessment, will go on to train individuals of companies in Sub-Saharan Africa who are interested in adopting the SDG Impact Standards - voluntary management standards designed to guide businesses and investors on their sustainability journeys.

The SDG Impact Standards are the missing piece of the sustainable business and investing puzzle. While external reporting on sustainability is a critical element, so too are the decisions made by organizations throughout their operations. The SDG Impact Standards aim at transforming mindsets in the way business and investments are done so that both financial and non-financial value creation for the organization, people and planet are considered equally important in the business and investment decision-making process.

Joan Manda, Senior SDG Investment Advisor, UNDP ASFH, commented, “I am delighted that we can provide the SDG Impact Standards Training Course for the African markets. We are seeing strong demand from highly experienced practitioners to upskill so they can train businesses and investors on the continent on how to integrate sustainability practices into their decision-making. The training was made possible through the close partnerships with UNDP’s critical investment ecosystem partners, such as the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA) and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) through its National Advisory Boards for Impact Investing (NABs) in key African markets.”

Fabienne Michaux, Director, UNDP SDG Impact, added, “We are thrilled to bring the SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainer Course to Sub-Saharan Africa. Businesses and investors are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of sustainable practices. However, turning those intentions into actions can be difficult to navigate and will be unique to each organization. The SDG Impact Standards can guide them on that journey and the newly Accredited Trainers can accelerate their knowledge and adoption of them.”

The SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainer Course is for experienced Impact Measurement and Management professionals who want to build their own capacity and work as part of a global community accelerating the adoption of the SDG Impact Standards. To learn more about becoming an SDG Impact Standards Accredited Trainer visit sdgimpact.undp.org.

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