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SDG Impact Standards for Private Equity most used framework in Europe

EVPA's latest report, Accelerating Impact, found that the SDG Impact Standards for Private Equity is the most used framework by private equity managers in Europe. The report analyses how far the industry has come and what still needs to be done to achieve the social and environment challenges we are facing today

The SDG Impact Standards, have been designed as an overarching decision-making framework that helps businesses and investors manage both their positive and negative impacts on people and planet, while taking care of the bottom line. It provides practical and actionable steps to translate good intentions into action and is aligned with existing high-level principles and taxonomies.

Four sets of SDG Impact Standards have been developed to reach the breadth of the economic system: enterprise, private equity, bond issuers and one for DFIs that UNDP SDG Impact co-created with OECD - OCDE.

Learn more about the SDG Impact Standards and supporting resources to get you started on your own journey to sustainability here.

Read EVPA’s Accelerating Impact Report here.

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